Friday, 21 September 2012

Digital treasure hunt madness

Current mood: we hate life, please let us die. It's been a tough four hours of constant walking in a single group, as one of our team mates has mysteriously disappeared so we could not divide the work between two pairs. Ah well. At least we're done.

1) Victoria Viaduct. EWS = emergency water supply

2) Howard Arms
3) Cathedral - Sir James Graham and Sam
4) Fun2Do
5) Old Tullie House and the Wally Bird
6) The Sands Centre - stupid bronze birdy
7) The Sandwich Mill, which we walked past twice without realising it was there
8) Thongs N Things. This style will catch on.
9) Dixon Chimney. It's really really tall
10) The Thin White Duke
11) University of Cumbria Fine Art Campus
12) The Olde Sweet Shoppe. Getting to stuff our faces with sweets was almost worth the effort put into finding the place.
13) Foxes Cafe. We were given really cool coffee cups. For freeeee
14) Brunton Park. Our last stop, which you probably can tell from the hardly contained amount of energy here. Couldn't find the turnstile, this is the best we could do...

15) Near Carlisle Castle

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