Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Mood postcard No1: "Sometimes my flatmates are really driving me crazy, so much that I want to explode and start shouting at them
This is how I feel about my new bedroom here at Brampton Road Halls. I am not really excited about it and sometimes it gives me a creepy feeling so I don't really like it.
This is how I feel about Carlisle. I love the place and it's so different from where I live. I feel really relaxed being surrounded by green.

Black and White project

printing feathers,marking with fork,printing toilet paper (ink)
printing textured paper and a piece of brick (ink)
marking with a small stone and printing roses (ink)
printing my shoe with ink and keys with pencil 2B
printing leaves with ink
trying different techniques for a tree ;p
Rickerby park (fine liners)
what does it remind you of?
I was kinda stressed (quink ink)
finger prints (ink)


I am looking forward for the final print.. :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mate Bence's photography

Capturing the magnificent moments of wild life...
       ...and of course me who will comment every each of these photos. :)

Let's rock & roll baby!
ohh...come on guys, you told me 2012 was the end of the world
How long can you keep your breath under water?
Come on!! Seriously? That was mine! -.-
You were a very bad boy!!
Is it that way or this way? I just can figure it out!
You see? I told you that not only Jesus Christ could walk on water
Leaaaave! I told you I dont want to be with ya!
It's freezing outside!
Look at my moveees! 
Hey man, did you paint your neb?
Come over here..I don't bite ^.^
Guys I am so tired after working in the studio.. I am going home to sleep :)
And these are my sarcastic jokes for today, goodnight!

There is my new design...

...and therefore I don't know how to replace the old one :)

And the winner is :"MEEEEE!!!"