Thursday, 8 November 2012

Final poster 2

So the first one or the second one?? what do you think?

Final posters

These are the ideas of my FRENCH NEW WAVE POSTER, please help me decide which one to choose :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

French new wave final clip

Our 30 second clip inspired by the french new wave.. We sure did have loads of fun shooting it and filming it. We made some silly clips as well.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Digital treasure hunt madness part 2

16) John Watt and Son

17) T and D Coffee House. At this point we were ridiculously hungry and the smell of food was killing us.

18) Guildhall Museum. Unfortunately it was closed, and calling the number on the sign didn't help us in figuring out how to get in...

19) Fisher Street

20) Club Concrete. This one wasn't very hard to locate

21) Fusehill Street Library. Zero energy at this point.

22) Sheepmount. One of the first places we visited, unaware how exhausting the rest of the hunt would be.

23) Central Library. The book was left in the wrong place, which made finding it quite a chore...

24) Will Nixon and Sons with William the cat

25) Lowther Arcade. "Enter if you're outrageous" - what a funny pun...

it was fun, but ridiculously exhausting.

Team Sam, Iinu and Julia. (Sadly, Lottie was missing.)

Digital treasure hunt madness

Current mood: we hate life, please let us die. It's been a tough four hours of constant walking in a single group, as one of our team mates has mysteriously disappeared so we could not divide the work between two pairs. Ah well. At least we're done.

1) Victoria Viaduct. EWS = emergency water supply

2) Howard Arms
3) Cathedral - Sir James Graham and Sam
4) Fun2Do
5) Old Tullie House and the Wally Bird
6) The Sands Centre - stupid bronze birdy
7) The Sandwich Mill, which we walked past twice without realising it was there
8) Thongs N Things. This style will catch on.
9) Dixon Chimney. It's really really tall
10) The Thin White Duke
11) University of Cumbria Fine Art Campus
12) The Olde Sweet Shoppe. Getting to stuff our faces with sweets was almost worth the effort put into finding the place.
13) Foxes Cafe. We were given really cool coffee cups. For freeeee
14) Brunton Park. Our last stop, which you probably can tell from the hardly contained amount of energy here. Couldn't find the turnstile, this is the best we could do...

15) Near Carlisle Castle

Friday, 9 March 2012


We've been asked to create a moodboard for our comic strip and I've chosen the song 'She's leaving home' from the Beatles album 'Sgt Peppers'

Monday, 27 February 2012

My comic strip

This is an exercise we had over the week about comic strips, though I don't know if I worked my point out well

Monday, 6 February 2012

Old project : Heteronyms (final piece)

Well this was a project about heteronyms and we had to print out two same spelled words that meant something different on a fabrique. My words were tower as a tall building and tower as something that tows something heavy. Well I think it went pretty well. :)

My opinion about a subject we talked about today : Feminism vs Masculinism

   Well, I grew up pretty much in a patriarchy country so through the years I saw women getting stressed about being home watching the kids. I think they have the right and they need to work to get off the inside energy that bothers them.
   We had a little discussion about this in class but still my opinion is that people are equal and that depends on how people grew up through the years and who is their role model in life. I learned through the years that maybe we are born female and male but that doesn't necessarily makes us one. With that I mean that people are too busy fighting about who has more rights, but the truth is that female and male are just genders, being a human is the difficult part. Being a human is to see everything with a different angle, try not to get in to "men" or "women" groups, have a different opinion from everyone else and try to think like both genders, think what would be better for everyone. People, when you do that, you will see the world in a different angle.
   A classmate of mine said : " well, women want equally rights with us, then why don't they go to the army?". First of all some women are joining the army back in their countries, but second would they rather(men) have a child in their belly, walking around, gain fat and after 9 months give birth to a newborn? I am not complaining or anything but I think this is like joining the forces or army.
  When people were still in caves, women had to stay back and take care of the babies and men would go hunting for food, but that doesn't make men more important, everyone has their role in nature like every living thing in this world.
   I say if women and men would get over this equal rights thing and tried to focus what really matters then we could have a better new world in our hands.
   No offense to anyone with this little speech, everyone can have their own opinion.

Pop art in a modern house 2012

So this is the Pop art I created, I know it doesnt look like pop art but I think this how a modern house look like these days.