Friday, 21 September 2012

Digital treasure hunt madness part 2

16) John Watt and Son

17) T and D Coffee House. At this point we were ridiculously hungry and the smell of food was killing us.

18) Guildhall Museum. Unfortunately it was closed, and calling the number on the sign didn't help us in figuring out how to get in...

19) Fisher Street

20) Club Concrete. This one wasn't very hard to locate

21) Fusehill Street Library. Zero energy at this point.

22) Sheepmount. One of the first places we visited, unaware how exhausting the rest of the hunt would be.

23) Central Library. The book was left in the wrong place, which made finding it quite a chore...

24) Will Nixon and Sons with William the cat

25) Lowther Arcade. "Enter if you're outrageous" - what a funny pun...

it was fun, but ridiculously exhausting.

Team Sam, Iinu and Julia. (Sadly, Lottie was missing.)

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